The Luxury of living well: having or being?


Currently, the idea of ​​luxury is also associated with what is rare to us, and therefore expensive – not necessarily to physical and financial wealth, but to what we really give value. It has a lot to do with desires and needs.

For many, for example, having a yacht is not a desire, because they already have it, or because they could never have it, or maybe, because they do not like the ocean. However, we understand that having a yacht or riding a yacht is a luxury. This is because luxury is not necessarily in the material object “yacht”, but the possibility of this rare live experience, different from everyday life, which is to “walk in the sea, on a yacht”. The value here is to live differently, to better enjoy life, and the sign that represents this is the yacht. Therefore, we associate the luxury to the yacht.

Given this concept, to live well, with peace and life quality in a big chaotic and frenetic city is also a desire and a need that many start to give enough value. In this sense, few have the luxury of living well.

Therefore, the house shall be mandatory since it is there that we can print our life concept, and is at our daily environment that we can feel the importance of comfort living, when that little time we have for ourselves comes to mean special value.

The insertion of our personal identities in our surroundings is important for the recognition of what we are and what we want to be, not what we have or want to have, what means we understand the pleasure of living in places where we fit, and when reached it, feels like luxury – because of the value we give to it.

The investment in our home environments is a key to live better; the choice of suitable products is more than a necessity. Being able to come home and sit in a good chair, watch quality movies, or prepare that food with friends in a gourmet space is a luxury.

That’s how this concept extends to the beach or the field house, which are not thought as a financial investment, but as a necessary luxury to preserve the high quality of life, is the opportunity to live better.

This way, we understand that the decoration of our environments now has a strong relationship with our identity, our lifetime and with luxury. As it comes to identity, it emphasizes the idea of ​​the individual. The evaluation of this person has a lot more to do withhis life experience, thus allowing time to become part of this chain, either by the symbolic marking of experience, or the real perception of it.

It is a difficult situation to rate. The value of time in our lives is an abstract concept that dominates our conversations everyday. The time has become rare, and the realization that this time was experienced with the required intensity is even more rare. So be aware of our lifetime being a luxury. Being able to do the things we want and desire in our time, or to use the day the way it gives us more pleasure, is an even rarer luxury.

This departs us from the material wealth of possession (to have), but brings us closer to the associated quality and individual experience (to be), that means, discussing luxury is not necessarily to understand its concept, but the values ​​and notion each one have of it.

So it brings us closer to our space, our home, our living. This is where we have the greatest opportunity to realize the time of our lives and associate it to a life of luxury. This brings us closer to life experience, much closer to the result for the individual than the representation of him to society. Allows us to understand what we are and what we want to be. A reflection that is a luxury.

For Alvaro Guillermo.