The Luxury and the Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva


Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva is one of the best examples of luxury brands concentration in Sao Paulo.

The address combines several shops that cater to professionals working in design areas, decoration, art and interior architecture, as well as the end consumer, and provide an overview of the latest luxury concepts, ranging from the pleasure of having unique experiences, products to live well and with quality, passing through differentiated service.

Noble, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials complement the reasons why the Alameda constitutes an example of luxury decoration in Brazil, besides counting with a range of complementary and supplementary services to the sensory experience of being special such as banks, supermarkets services, law firms, reputable clinics, and more.

Gabriel Monteiro da Silva is located at Jardins district, specifically JardimPaulistano, and serves as a limit to Jardim Europa, historically known as noble regions. The concept of an open mall itself, with trees and curves, is a luxury, at a dry and lacking in nature city like Sao Paulo.

The region where today is located JardimPaulistano, for example, was originally a floodplain of Pinheiros River, and has benefited from this river rectification and reversal of its waters to feed Henry Borden Hydroelectric, in the 1920s. The works ended flooding in the region and in the lands that belonged to Manuel Garcia da Silva.

With the sales success of the neighbor Jardim America, the engineer-architect Gustavo HipólitoPujol Jr. developed for the region, in 1922, a project with the guidelines of the garden city: curvilinear streets, intense afforestation and integration to external squares and gardens. The squares still have species like Ipês, Sibipirunas, Flamboyants, Jacarandás and Palm trees from the original project, that use to cover a ​​9.687.510sqft and 49 blocks area.