The Contemporary Luxury


For some, luxury is to have time to enjoy life with family, to havefriendscompany, to travel to unusual destinations having different dining experiences.

Splendor, social distinction, individual satisfaction, lifestyle, aspirations and dreams. All these concepts are puttogether when it comes to luxury – but which one translates the contemporary feeling?

In 2010, Analysis, PlanningandMarketResearch released a research with 100 inhabitants of the city of São Paulo, between 20and28 years and 30and50 years, with income above 10 minimum wages,asking: “What is luxury for you?”.

The result: each participant mentioned his personal luxury, ranging from buying a determined cosmetic until a special trip overseas. Even so, wecouldseetwodifferentsides. One relates the luxury to high costs. Theother to lifestyle, attitudes and choices. In both cases, luxury is being able to do what you want and have access to whatever you desire.

However, the idea of ​​luxurysimplyas an expensive thing, and especially ostentation, comes from an older concept: a social obligation to besurrounded with beautiful andvaluablethings as a symbol of superiority, as didthe sovereigninthepast, according to the philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky.

Today, luxury meetsitsintimate face. Relates to an individual pleasure of feeling different, focusing more on the sensations thanonthe appearance: it’s the doing what you want and having access to what you desire, as pointed out by the research, but that couldbesimplytranslated in: sleeping well, warrantee the future for a graduatedchild, love and be loved.

Nowadays, the luxury continues to be something rare and beautiful, besidesa mark of distinction and exclusivity – but reveals the possibility to experience the pleasure, satisfaction and personal fulfillment, with the guarantee of enjoying something well-done, well-made, unique, produced and provided with quality and excellence.