Portobello Shop Gabriel


Portobello Shop’sceramic tile attained a degree of development that takesits customization to unprecedented levels. Our new collection includes options for all environments, inside and outside, residential and commercial, combining classic references and products that allow costumers to print their own characteristics in each place. The new style brought new options for bathrooms (with application of lines inspired in classic marbles and woods) and coffee (with the floor and tabletops of Steel line, which reproduces the corten steel).

The news start at the front view, where the Brasilia Line was applied, reproducingin porcelain aburt cement, inspired by the Brasilia’sarchitecture. The front view is also composed by the Lamina Line 3x1m, customized with special cuts, forming a sophisticated and elegant Cobogó.


At the inner area’s floor, the Concretíssyma Matiz Nude Line is predominant, highlighting the atelier and the bathroom suite. We create a real studio where customers and specifiers can customize their environments. In suite bathroom,the line Les Roches dominates, reproducing onyx stone, calcareous origin, typical of the Italian territory, in light and golden tones. Countertop, bathtub and shelves are carved in porcelain.


Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 862
55 11 3087.6188